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After years of sharpening our skills within dozens of industries, The Guerrilla has decided to hone in on Home Services. We’re here to help you drive additional leads & sales to your ever-expanding empire through SEO-forward web design and our SEO 2.0 process. Contact us today to learn more!

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What Makes TGA Different?

Why Pick Us?


We Focus On SEO

After working with dozens of home services organizations, we’ve come to realize that SEO is the best way to drive additional leads. Then, we made sure we were the best at it. 


Our SEO 2.0 Process

We’ve developed a process that goes far beyond what a traditional SEO firm delivers for their clients. We’re calling it SEO 2.0. We guarantee  you won’t find this anywhere else. 


Commitment to Custom

Everything  we do is custom. We don’t have a one size fits all boiler system in mind when working with our clients. We’ll build out a custom campaign based on actual research.

What's SEO 2.0?
Features & Benefits.

- 01. Immediate Action

SEO 1.0 – Your “old agency” spends 4-6 weeks auditing your site and presents a pretty deck with their findings. 

SEO 2.0 – The Guerrilla Agency dives right in, edits the site, fixes issues, creates a strategic content plan, writes content AND shoots video. Timeline: 2-4 weeks. 

- 02. Video Content

SEO 1.0 – Your “old agency” writes a few dismal blog posts a month and publishes them to your site. 

SEO 2.0 – The Guerrilla Agency shoots 12-15 original videos a quarter that we turn into inspiring blog posts monthly. Can you say first person expert content? 

- 03. Content Distribution

SEO 1.0 – Your “old agency” wrote the blog and publishes it to your site. What else is there?

SEO 2.0 – The Guerrilla Agency distributes your content monthly to social media AND creates a YouTube channel to further position your brand as your customers champion. 

- 04. Expert Mode: Full Book

SEO 1.0 – Your “old agency” wouldn’t even think of creating a full book out of your first person content. 

SEO 2.0 – The Guerrilla Agency takes the first person content we’ve been writing all year and turns it into a book making YOU a published author. 

Marketing Manager, Advantage Construction

Stephanie Wiegle

“ We’ve worked with The Guerrilla Agency for several years. Year over year they are always the best marketing investment we make. I can’t recommend them more!”

We Work With Contractors & Home Services Companies

General Construction

Roofing & STorm Damage

Windows & Siding

Plumbing & HVAC


A Few Words About Who We Are And Our Team.

Experience For Your Business

We wouldn’t be where we are without the amazing rag-tag team here at TGA. These folks make work enjoyable, and every day a new adventure. Meet the team today and learn about who will be helping you grow your business and leads!